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The Locksmith Services Detroit MI main offices and locksmith services shop  are located at:

45 Monroe Ave #226

Detroit, MI 48226

Our Phone: 313-782-3423

Call us today, day or night. here at Locksmith Services Detroit MI we are open and our emergency locksmith services technicians are there to help you.

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48201, 48202, 48206, 48207, 48208, 48209, 48213, 48214, 48215, 48217, 48219, 48222, 48223, 48224, 48204, 48205, 48210, 48211, 48216, 48221, 48226, 48227, 48228, 48231, 48238, 48243, 48244, 48255, 48265, 48266, 48269, 48272, 48275, 48277, 48232, 48233, 48234, 48235, 48242, 48260, 48264, 48267, 48268, 48278, 48279, 48288

All of our employees and 24 hour locksmith services technicians here at Locksmith Services Detroit MI understand that one's home is one's kingdom. That's why providing the city of Detroit MI with our professional 24 hour locksmith services is more than what we do here at Locksmith Services Detroit MI, it is our passion.

And for those of us who live in the city of Detroit MI (Go Tigers!) we all know how brutal our weather  in Detroit MI all year round, no matter if it is rain, snow, or sweltering heat, no one wants to be starting at locked keys in a car or to wait outside in the winter for an auto locksmith services tech to in 6 ft of snow. Have you seen the height of our stop signs?

Locksmith Services Detroit MI is here to help you protect the most precios and  important people you'll ever meet (your loved ones). With a vast amount of options available, maginetic stripe security lock, fingerprint security lock, retina security lock. We can also help you get any employee or yourself back into their office if they locked keys in office.

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Why settle (and risk your loved ones safety) for only having the traditional old style lock and key for your home? When there are so many other more secure, longer lasting, stronger protecting security locks available for protecting your loved ones, home and vehicles.

Our professional home locksmith services techs have learned over the years of home locksmith services experience that many consumers should consider adding a fingerprint security lock or a digital numerical code to their home in addition to having a standard style key and/or security system that is currently in use.

We also know that with technology rapidly improving on a near daily basis, locks are becoming just one part of safety lock technology that is evolving and upgrading. It is your job as a home owner/renter to keep your loved ones safe, & your home safe.

Here at Locksmith Services Detroit MI our home locksmith services techs job is to help you do just that! Making sure that your car is safe should be your top priority considering the costs of many vehicles today. No matter how much you paid for your car, making sure that it is securely locked and that your possessions are safe is paramount. Make sure your car and valuables are safe and give us a call today!