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The Locksmith Services Detroit MI main offices and locksmith services shop  are located at:

45 Monroe Ave #226

Detroit, MI 48226

Our Phone: 313-782-3423

Call us today, day or night. here at Locksmith Services Detroit MI we are open and our emergency locksmith services technicians are there to help you.

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48201, 48202, 48206, 48207, 48208, 48209, 48213, 48214, 48215, 48217, 48219, 48222, 48223, 48224, 48204, 48205, 48210, 48211, 48216, 48221, 48226, 48227, 48228, 48231, 48238, 48243, 48244, 48255, 48265, 48266, 48269, 48272, 48275, 48277, 48232, 48233, 48234, 48235, 48242, 48260, 48264, 48267, 48268, 48278, 48279, 48288

We realize that business owners may not be aware just many different types of security locks they come into contact with each and every day: exterior locks, retina scan security lock, fingerprint  security lock, magnetic strip card securityr lock,, desk security locks and even security lock for your company vehicles, just to name a few of the auto locksmith services and 24 hour locksmith services we can provide.. 

Locksmith Services Detroit MI can help to make sure that each one of your business building's door lock is secure and that there are working access keys are (or car key is) available to each and everyone of the correct people who need a 24 hour locksmith services tech sent to them shortly there after. We are sure that no one likes to having to need auto locksmith services, but it is a relief to know that when you do, our professionals are able to be there in a hurry.

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Business owners would never want to arrive at their building to see the sight of windows smashed or see that the exterior "so-called" security lock broken. As we all know businesses must secure their buildings in these uncertain times. That is where our team of mobile locksmith services techs come into place. No matter the time, our mobile locksmiths are available to come to you and install security locks or whatever commercial locksmith services your business needs to make it safer. Our 24 hour locksmith services will be happy to help no matter if it is 3:00 am or 3:00pm. We are there to help with whatever locksmith service you might need in the Detroit MI area.

Our auto locksmith service techs will also be able to help you get back into your commercial vehicles as well. Employees can accidently take the work car key home, or even mor oftenly also lock themselves out of a company vehicle or building or lose the keys altogether! That’s why our mobile locksmiths are so valuable. We will be there whenever you might need our help the most no matter where you are in Detroit MI.

We can also open those old filing cabinets and desks that no one has the keys to or can remember where the keys are located. Your valuable company information will again be right at your fingertips once our 24 hour locksmiths come right to your business and help save the day!

Who among us hasn’t walked out of the house without our keys for work? Luckily we are able to come straight to your office and unlock whatever needs to be unlocked. Our technicians are professional and efficient. They are always more than happy to be of service to you and to your company.